Alipio, Artist: My Story

Alipio, studying in 2004

Hello and welcome to my website.

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About Me

I am Costa Alipio, Portuguese by birth, sharing my time between Portugal and Scotland with my lovely wife of 15 years.

After a quarter of a century experiencing the world working on cruise ships, I decided to anchor in Glasgow, Scotland, and put all my time and love into my art.

Naive Expressionism

It took my many years to find my own style, which I like to call 'Naive Expressionism'. My early years were spent drawing caricatures, landscapes, portraits, cartoons, sketches... everything - I just loved to paint. I would say around 1998 was when I became aware of my own style.

Me, Myself and I

I have always loved art, and schooled at Antonio Arroyos in Lisbon when I was younger. Despite not finishing, I have fond memories of the time and learnt from a wonderful painter Dorita Castelo Branco. More recently a course at the Rennie Mackintosh School of Art with Deborah Holland, which gave me more formal experience.

My Quirk

A quirk of my work is that I like to sketch with my left hand and paint with my right, often starting my art left handed and finished with the right. People often find this a quirk but it is something that I enjoy and feel comfortable with...

Alipio Artist on the Beach

Life at Sea & Ship Art

Some of my work draws on my experiences at sea, and is a fun look at the crew and passengers of cruise liners. While at sea, I made commissions for colleagues and passengers along this theme. A small series of these images can be seen in my Gallery: 'At Sea', 'Love Boat' and 'Crab Cake'.

I plan to focus on providing 'life at sea' and 'ship' art in the future


My Influences

I take influences from a wide range of artists and experiences gained travelling the globe. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, and prefer to study many styles.

I am particularly fond of modern art and I have great admiration for Picasso, along with Egon Scheile, Veemer, Peter Howson and Francis Bacon. You can see my studies of some of these greats in my gallery section.

Another influence, and one that I have the pleasure of knowing as a great friend, is the artist Patterson Parkin from New Zealand (

Alipio, Glasgow based Artist

My Family

I am fortunate to come from a creative and artistic family.

My half Portuguese, half Spanish grandfather on my mother's side was a renowned and famous classic and flamenco guitarist. My father used to sing the traditional Portuguese music 'Fado', and my son is an amateur actor.

My brother is also a musician, and my niece has a degree in arts. Quite a mix of talents.

My Motto...

My motto - to be alive: live and let live. Peace in the World.

Alipio, 2013